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On Sunday morning I went out to grab some coffee. Inside the brasserie, I spotted a piece of paper saying:

“Can’t think of what to do with your Sundays …” It made me smile and I wondered what the day would bring since I didn’t have any special plans for the rest of the day.

Funny enough, it was a busy day. I bought a new coffee table, met a bunch of friends and detoxed my wardrobe:)

Detox Your Wardrobe – quite a cool slogan, isn’t it?

Apparently, the Glamour magazine teamed up with de Bijenkorf department store in Amsterdam for a charity event.

There was a temporary shop inside the fashion sector with loads of great second hand cloths. The prices were low and attracted a huge crowd.

My shopaholic nature woke up immediately when I saw those numerous rails of clothes. I quickly pulled out a G-star sweater, Diesel jacket and a Vanilia top. Unfortunately I didn’t buy any of the high fashion pieces donated by several Dutch celebrities. Yet, I enjoyed seeing the catwalk show followed by the auction.

I get a kick out of recycled fashion lately 🙂

Well, with a lovely spring approaching, it’s time to detox your wardrobes dear ladies!

Sunday coffee

Detox Your Wardrobe

@ Detox Your Wardrobe store

de BIjencorf Detox show

my detox your wardrobe bargains

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I enjoy little things in life … like this blue, wool, pom pom hat from ‘de Bijenkorf’

I just couldn’t resist the temptation – this hat was 50% off!

Who doesn’t love bargains like that?


my new de bijenkorf hat by Asia Jo

my new de bijenkorf hat

my new de bijenkorf hat by Asia Jo

my new de bijenkorf hat

my new de bijenkorf hat by Asia Jo

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