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I love London and its diversity, dynamism and originality. This is a city of modernity and conservatism, a city of contrasts where different every-day-realities melt all together. There are hundreds of secret corners that offer something unforgettable, something unique, something  inspiring.

Brick Lane, one of my favourite areas of London and the epicenter of the Bangladeshi community, is a place of disorder, culture melange, vintage fashion, vibrant treasure and trash market, unconventional individuals and attention grabbing street art.

Visiting Brick Lane is like experimenting Indian culture and quirky London at the same time, where tradition meets liberation and liberation meets tradition, where Easts meets the West and West meets the East …

What fascinates me about Brick Lane is its kitsch, energy and the history behind as London’s centre of textile.

Today, Brick Lane’s identity can be explained by what’s happening on its walls …. pure madness ….

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“On the walls of Brick Lane”

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by Asia(Jo)

by Asia(Jo)

by Asia(Jo)


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