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Pale or nude pink is one of the must have colours for this  S/S fashion season …. It’s so easy to match it with soft gray and charcoal, navy or washed out denim, beige and ivory.

I really love that natural palette so I wondered if I already had something matching that ‘cherry blossom’ range of shades ….

cherry blossom inspiration

My picks:

cherry blossom inspiration by Asia Jo

cherry blossom inspiration by Asia Jo

cherry blossom inspiration by Asia Jo

♡ Butterfly sleeve blouse (custom made) ♡ Printed AMQ vest ♡ Sporty cotton ONLY top

♡ Butterfly print Pieces scarf ♡ Sleeveless Zara dress ♡ Flower print H&M tights

♡  Thai silk Jim Thompson cushion

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This is a tragic news for all those who love and admire the fashion designer Alexander McQueen.

He is gone forever but his brilliant talent and remarkable, unconventional work will never be forgotten.

You will be missed, Alexander. RIP.


Asia Jo


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spooky fashion by McQ alexander

spooky fashion by McQ alexander by Asia(Jo) featuring Alexander McQueen

McQ Alexander and his adorable skulls!
For a/w 09 McQueen, twisted a sublunary object, the skull, into must have, desirable accessories. I dream of his skull printed scarf, but for now, I am quite happy with my skull printed cardigan. It goes well with my cotton black dresses, especially the ragged one. I can easly combine it with a black leather skinny belt and a pair of tights with holes to achieve a slightly more dramatic look. It could also be a nice outfit for those of you, who celebrate Halloween, yet avoid the whole masquerade. You would just need to paint your finger nails in black, add some fake blood drops on your pale powdered face, throw in your best BLD and this lovely skull cardi. Voila! A  chic harmless vamp is born!
skull printed cardigan

skeleton gloves

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Have you ever thought about wearing shoe monsters? You better do! We still have fall and winter to pass by but I am telling you the next S/S season will be a “hot” one. Prepare yourself for a shoe transformation and get inspired by Alexander McQueen’s grotesque shoe creatures. Notice the inspiration from Nature – snake skin, honeycomb, rainbow fish and precious stones. McQueen’s stilettos are absolutely disproportioned, comically ugly, twisted and totally odd, yet I’m predicting everyone will love them in six months time and I can’t wait for a high street version of those monstrous beauties!

Pictures sourced from: http://www.style.com/fashionshows/detail/S2010RTW-AMCQUEEN

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